Gralak Masonry Contractors Proudly Serves the Following Communities

Map of Chicago neighborhoods and near north cities served by Gralak. Links to interactive Google map.

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Suburban Communities

Elmwood Park



Oak Park


Chicago Neighborhoods and Communities We Serve

Neighborhoods Community Area
Albany Park Albany Park
Andersonville Edgewater
Arcadia Terrace West Ridge
Armour Square Armour Square
Avondale Avondale
Avondale Gardens Irving Park
Back of the Yards New City
Belmont Central Belmont Cragin
Belmont Gardens Hermosa
Belmont Heights Dunning
Belmont Terrace Dunning
Big Oaks Norwood Park
Northalsted “Boystown” Lake View
Bowmanville Lincoln Square
Brickyard Belmont Cragin
Bridgeport Bridgeport
Bronzeville Douglas
Bucktown Logan Square
Budlong Woods Lincoln Square
Buena Park Uptown
Cabrini–Green Near North Side
Canaryville New City
Central Station Near South Side
Chinatown Armour Square
Clarendon Park Uptown
Cragin Belmont Cragin
Dearborn Homes Douglas
Dearborn Park Near South Side
Douglas Park North Lawndale
Dunning Dunning
East Garfield Park East Garfield Park
East Hyde Park Hyde Park
East Pilsen Lower West Side
East Village West Town
Edgebrook Forest Glen
Edgewater Edgewater
Edgewater Beach Edgewater
Edgewater Glen Edgewater
Edison Park Edison Park
Fifth City East Garfield Park
Forest Glen Forest Glen
Fuller Park Fuller Park
Fulton River District Near West Side
Galewood Austin
The Gap Douglas
Gladstone Park Jefferson Park
Gold Coast Near North Side
Goose Island Near North Side
Graceland West Lake View
Grand Boulevard Grand Boulevard
Greektown Near West Side
Groveland Park Douglas
Hanson Park Belmont Cragin
Heart of Chicago Lower West Side
Hermosa Hermosa
Hollywood Park North Park
Homan Square North Lawndale
Humboldt Park Humboldt Park
Hyde Park Hyde Park
Illinois Medical District Near West Side
Irving Park Irving Park
Irving Woods Dunning
The Island Austin
Jackowo Avondale
Jefferson Park Jefferson Park
K-Town North Lawndale
Kelvyn Park Hermosa
Kenwood Kenwood
Kilbourn Park Irving Park
Kosciuszko Park Logan Square
Lake Meadows Douglas
Lake View Lake View
Lakeview (East) Lake View
Lakewood / Balmoral Edgewater
Legends South (Robert Taylor Homes) Grand Boulevard
Lincoln Park Lincoln Park
Lincoln Square Lincoln Square
Little Italy Near West Side
Logan Square Logan Square
The Loop The Loop
Lower West Side Lower West Side
Loyola Rogers Park
Magnificent Mile Near North Side
Margate Park Uptown
Mayfair Albany Park
McKinley Park McKinley Park
Merchant Park Irving Park
Montclare Montclare
Museum Campus Near South Side
New Eastside The Loop
Near North Side Near North Side
Near West Side Near West Side
New Chinatown Uptown
New City New City
Noble Square West Town
North Austin Austin
North Center North Center
North Halsted Lake View
North Kenwood Kenwood
North Lawndale North Lawndale
North Mayfair Albany Park
North Park North Park
Nortown West Ridge
Norwood Park East Norwood Park
Norwood Park West Norwood Park
Oakland Oakland
O’Hare O’Hare
Old Edgebrook Forest Glen
Old Irving Park Irving Park
Old Norwood Norwood Park
Old Town Near North Side
Old Town Triangle Lincoln Park
Oriole Park Norwood Park
Palmer Square Logan Square
Park West Lincoln Park
Peterson Park West Ridge
Pilsen Lower West Side
Polish Downtown West Town, Logan Square
Polish Village Avondale, Irving Park
Portage Park Portage Park
Prairie Avenue Historic District Near South Side
Prairie Shores Douglas
Printer’s Row The Loop
Pulaski Park West Town
Ranch Triangle Lincoln Park
Ravenswood Lincoln Square
Ravenswood Gardens Lincoln Square
Ravenswood Manor Albany Park
River North Near North Side
River West West Town
River’s Edge North Park
Rogers Park Rogers Park
Roscoe Village North Center
Rosehill West Ridge
St. Ben’s North Center
Sauganash Forest Glen
Schorsch Forest View O’Hare
Schorsch Village Dunning
Sheffield Neighbors Lincoln Park
Sheridan Park Uptown
Sheridan Station Corridor Lakeview
Smith Park West Town
South Austin Austin
South Commons Douglas
South East Ravenswood Lake View
South Edgebrook Forest Glen
South Loop The Loop
Stateway Gardens Douglas
Streeterville Near North Side
Tri-Taylor Near West Side
Ukrainian Village West Town
Union Ridge Norwood Park
University Village Near West Side
Uptown Uptown
The Villa Irving Park
Wacławowo Avondale
Washington Park Washington Park
Wentworth Gardens Armour Square
West DePaul Lincoln Park
West Garfield Park West Garfield Park
West Humboldt Park Austin, Humboldt Park
Lakeview (West) Lake View
West Loop Near West Side
West Ridge West Ridge
West Rogers Park West Ridge
West Town West Town
West Woodlawn Woodlawn
Wicker Park West Town
Wildwood Forest Glen
Woodlawn Woodlawn
Wrightwood Neighbors Lincoln Park
Wrigleyville Lake View

Neighborhood, Community Area
Albany Park, Albany Park
Andersonville, Edgewater
Arcadia Terrace, West Ridge
Armour Square, Armour Square
Avondale, Avondale
Avondale Gardens, Irving Park
Back of the Yards, New City
Belmont Central, Belmont Cragin
Belmont Gardens, Hermosa
Belmont Heights, Dunning
Belmont Terrace, Dunning
Big Oaks, Norwood Park
Northalsted “Boystown”, Lake View
Bowmanville, Lincoln Square
Brickyard, Belmont Cragin
Bridgeport, Bridgeport
Bronzeville, Douglas
Bucktown, Logan Square
Budlong Woods, Lincoln Square
Buena Park, Uptown
Cabrini–Green, Near North Side
Canaryville, New City
Central Station, Near South Side
Chinatown, Armour Square
Clarendon Park, Uptown
Cragin, Belmont Cragin
Dearborn Homes, Douglas
Dearborn Park, Near South Side
Douglas Park, North Lawndale
Dunning, Dunning
East Garfield Park, East Garfield Park
East Hyde Park, Hyde Park
East Pilsen, Lower West Side
East Village, West Town
Edgebrook, Forest Glen
Edgewater, Edgewater
Edgewater Beach, Edgewater
Edgewater Glen, Edgewater
Edison Park, Edison Park
Fifth City, East Garfield Park
Forest Glen, Forest Glen
Fuller Park, Fuller Park
Fulton River District, Near West Side
Galewood, Austin
The Gap, Douglas
Gladstone Park, Jefferson Park
Gold Coast, Near North Side
Goose Island, Near North Side
Graceland West, Lake View
Grand Boulevard, Grand Boulevard
Greektown, Near West Side
Groveland Park, Douglas
Hanson Park, Belmont Cragin
Heart of Chicago, Lower West Side
Hermosa, Hermosa
Hollywood Park, North Park
Homan Square, North Lawndale
Humboldt Park, Humboldt Park
Hyde Park, Hyde Park
Illinois Medical District, Near West Side
Irving Park, Irving Park
Irving Woods, Dunning
The Island, Austin
Jackowo, Avondale
Jefferson Park, Jefferson Park
K-Town, North Lawndale
Kelvyn Park, Hermosa
Kenwood, Kenwood
Kilbourn Park, Irving Park
Kosciuszko Park, Logan Square
Lake Meadows, Douglas
Lake View, Lake View
Lakeview (East), Lake View
Lakewood / Balmoral, Edgewater
Legends South (Robert Taylor Homes), Grand Boulevard
Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park
Lincoln Square, Lincoln Square
Little Italy, Near West Side
Logan Square, Logan Square
The Loop, The Loop
Lower West Side, Lower West Side
Loyola, Rogers Park
Magnificent Mile, Near North Side
Margate Park, Uptown
Mayfair, Albany Park
McKinley Park, McKinley Park
Merchant Park, Irving Park
Montclare, Montclare
Museum Campus, Near South Side
New Eastside, The Loop
Near North Side, Near North Side
Near West Side, Near West Side
New Chinatown, Uptown
New City, New City
Noble Square, West Town
North Austin, Austin
North Center, North Center
North Halsted, Lake View
North Kenwood, Kenwood
North Lawndale, North Lawndale
North Mayfair, Albany Park
North Park, North Park
Nortown, West Ridge
Norwood Park East, Norwood Park
Norwood Park West, Norwood Park
Oakland, Oakland
O’Hare, O’Hare
Old Edgebrook, Forest Glen
Old Irving Park, Irving Park
Old Norwood, Norwood Park
Old Town, Near North Side
Old Town Triangle, Lincoln Park
Oriole Park, Norwood Park
Palmer Square, Logan Square
Park West, Lincoln Park
Peterson Park, West Ridge
Pilsen, Lower West Side
Polish Downtown, West Town, Logan Square
Polish Village, Avondale, Irving Park
Portage Park, Portage Park
Prairie Avenue Historic District, Near South Side
Prairie Shores, Douglas
Printer’s Row, The Loop
Pulaski Park, West Town
Ranch Triangle, Lincoln Park
Ravenswood, Lincoln Square
Ravenswood Gardens, Lincoln Square
Ravenswood Manor, Albany Park
River North, Near North Side
River West, West Town
River’s Edge, North Park
Rogers Park, Rogers Park
Roscoe Village, North Center
Rosehill, West Ridge
St. Ben’s, North Center
Sauganash, Forest Glen
Schorsch Forest View, O’Hare
Schorsch Village, Dunning
Sheffield Neighbors, Lincoln Park
Sheridan Park, Uptown
Sheridan Station Corridor, Lakeview
Smith Park, West Town
South Austin, Austin
South Commons, Douglas
South East Ravenswood, Lake View
South Edgebrook, Forest Glen
South Loop, The Loop
Stateway Gardens, Douglas
Streeterville, Near North Side
Tri-Taylor, Near West Side
Ukrainian Village, West Town
Union Ridge, Norwood Park
University Village, Near West Side
Uptown, Uptown
The Villa, Irving Park
Wacławowo, Avondale
Washington Park, Washington Park
Wentworth Gardens, Armour Square
West DePaul, Lincoln Park
West Garfield Park, West Garfield Park
West Humboldt Park, Austin, Humboldt Park
Lakeview (West), Lake View
West Loop, Near West Side
West Ridge, West Ridge
West Rogers Park, West Ridge
West Town, West Town
West Woodlawn, Woodlawn
Wicker Park, West Town
Wildwood, Forest Glen
Woodlawn, Woodlawn
Wrightwood Neighbors, Lincoln Park
Wrigleyville, Lake View